nedelja, 01. junij 2014

Waiting For The Storm


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 // And here it is...the last one:). It's been really an interesting journey, this project. I learned so much! About myself and my photography.  At the beginning I was really uncomfortable in front of the camera and it was really weird to look at myself in postproduction. But now, I don't even see myself on the photographs sometimes... I see characters that I'm creating.

I love creating surreal situations and then think about would I feel If that would be really happening to me.:) I'm a dreamer, I know. And maybe that's why I sometimes create images that most people really don't understand. But it's enough for me, that I know why I made them.

I'm really happy that I started this project, I was enjoying  it every day! That's why  I know that photography really is my passion. That's what I love to do and I'll keep on doing. I won't stop now, that the  project is over. Maybe now I will take a little break from everything, because I have some stuff that I have to do now, and I won't be making photos every day, but I will still make them. I have a lot of ideas that I didn't realized yet.

I have to thank to everybody that helped me and supported me through this year.
My boyfriend, my mother and my friend Barbara, who helped me bring some of my ideas to life with their assistance . My roommates, who didn't mind, that I took over our dining room for an hour of two every day, to make my photos in front of my favorite wall:) I really love the light there:).

And of course I have to thank my followers and those who like my work. You gave me motivation  to go forward when nothing felt right. It's so great to see when people like what you're doing. It's the best feeling.

Now I have to finish this, because I don't want to write a whole novel:). Nobody wants to read this much under an image.:)

I hope you will still follow my work in the future and my never endless journey in photography. //