ponedeljek, 30. september 2013

My Black Balloon


//It's was raining today, so i had to take my photo inside. I had some rough ideas and i experimented a little bit. All i knew, was, that i want to include a black balloon and i knew what feelling i want to show in today's photo.//

Her Secret


//I'm a little late today with my daily submition, but i had some troubles with today's photo...after a long work on it in photoshop i just have to close everything and let it rest for a few hours:) I know i could do a better job and maybe i will return to this photo some day and work on it some more, but for now, this is it...i'm starting to like it a bit more than before:) //

sobota, 28. september 2013

Her Broken Dream


//Today i was shooting in the forest near my boyfriends house. I love this forest, it's so beautiful! Today i realized that the autumn is already here, the leaves already changing their color. I can't wait to use them in my photos.

This bouquet of flowers i found laying on the ground. I guess they were meant to be in my photo today:)  //

petek, 27. september 2013

Take Me To My Wonderland


//Today i was shooting on an old railway tracks. I decided to use some movement in this photo for more expressive feelling of the final image. //

torek, 24. september 2013

She Awaits The Damned


//Taken on the roof of my apartment building.
About a month ago i was shooting my daily photo on our roof and i found these stone seats. I immediately knew that i have to make a photo with them, and today was the day i made it:).  I have to thank to my friend Barbara, who helped me with this shoot and was throwing around me this black fabric.//

ponedeljek, 23. september 2013

Fragile Little Creature


//Yesterday my boyfriend found a little bird skull in the forest. When he showed it to me, i immediately got an idea for today's photo. So...here it is:)//

nedelja, 22. september 2013

Where Life Grows


//Today i was on a country side a bit, so i went shooting to this big corn fields. But i found this beautiful purple grass or something:) and i change my mind...I decided to make todays photo right there:)//

sobota, 21. september 2013

Surrounded By Magical Things


//Today was such a beautiful day, a little cold at the times, but beautiful and sunny.

I decided to make a close-up photo today. I didn't do that for a while:) So this is it:)) I don't know what else to say:)//

četrtek, 19. september 2013

Choices We Have


//I created paths with candles that represent paths, among which we choose to follow in life. The forest behind me represent the past or present. We have to choose....stay in the dark labyrinth like forest, or choose a bright path, that brings new, fresh future....

Today i shoot this photo on a hill next to my appartment. This location was perfect for a photo, that i had in mind. I have to thank my frend, who came with me and helped me set up the scene and light all the candles (we had to light them multiple times, because the wind keep blowing them up:).//

Maybe Someday, She'll Find A Way


//Today i had a few ideas in my head for my daily photo, but two of them kind of didn't work out as i imagine....then i rememberd this abandoned place near my village. When i came there i realise it was perfect for a picure that i had in mind. There were also some old chairs there, so i used one of them....:)
It was quite cold today, so i wanted to make this picture as soon as possible, so i have to thank my mom who helped me with everything:).//

torek, 17. september 2013

Her Infinite Wisdom


//Today's photoshoot didn't go as planned:) I wanted to make a photo of myself by the waterfall, so i went to a beautiful waterfall in my hometown, but....when we came there i realise, that...well, the waterfall isn't there yet:)) I guess i'll have to wait for a more rainy season to make that photo i had in mind for today:)
Then i improvise:) I had so much space overgrown with moss (where usualy is water:)) so i used it an make this photo. //