petek, 28. februar 2014

The Evil Is Coming


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//This day started very early for me...I woke up at 4.20 am. I helped at one photoshoot today, that was happening in the theater. I had my camera with me for shooting behind the scene photos:)Well...and i couldn't help myself...I also did a little self-portrait there:). I just love those red seats. For a long time now, I wanted to shoot in some theater (possibly abandoned), but this one worked just fine.
I will find my abandoned theatre someday, though. I just know it:).
I borrowed the tripod from the photographer there, because i didn't have mine with me. And my roommate, who was the stilist there, helped me with this shoot, because i didn't took my remote with me. (Silly me:)).
But i'm happy with the turnout.//

nedelja, 23. februar 2014

Force Of Nature


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//Today i wanted to shoot some other idea i had, but then the circumstances made me change my mind. I was at my boyfriends and we went for a walk. I wasn't in this forest since that awfull weather we had, when everything froze and the trees were breaking. But i thought that wasn't so bad in this forest, because behind the house we saw only a few tops of the trees fallen to the ground. I was shocked when i saw all the big mighty trees on the ground...:/ I decided to make a photo there, on those trees, with a different story.//

sobota, 15. februar 2014

The Invisible Force


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//Today i had two helpers on the scene:) I asked my mom and my boyfriend to help me with this rope, and directed them to each pull me in their direction.:) Some people drove by with a car...they probably thought that we went crazy:)) hehe
These days, as you can see, i really want to take advantage as much as possible, to shoot outside, because, i have to admit, i really missed it. It's really different to shoot outside, where the location can give you inspiration and something more to the photo.
I got this idea while i was driving home from the city. I thought about shooting with a rope i have at home as a prop, but i realised that i only have one. Then i went to my grandpa and i found there another one. I was really happy, because i could make my idea came true!:)//

petek, 14. februar 2014

My Dear Valentine...


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//For today's photo i wanted to do something asociated with Valentine's day, but in a different, a little dark way.:)
It's a story about a girl, who waited for her Valentine so long, that she...well...died. He never showed up... Why?.... I won't tell:)
I want that every viewer discover his own reason:)
I know, not very happy, but i didn't wanted to go in a normal all in love and happy theme,...i wanted a little dark twist in there:) //

četrtek, 13. februar 2014

End Of All Hope


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//Well, yesterday i said, that i found another location for today's shooting, but, that's not it:). I was late today and i was in a bit of a hurry, because it's was getting dark. I went with my mom and my little nephew on a walk and we stoped by this fallen tree and i got the idea, that i could do a photo, where the branches od the tree are trying to swallow the girl. It seams that the tree is feeding with humans to survive.;) //

sreda, 12. februar 2014

Down By The River


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//I spend so much time on this photo, that i don't even know how i feel about it now.
I was so happy today, because, as u can see, i went outside for my shoot. Everything is still wet and muddy, but at least the rain has stopped:). I went looking for a location today with my mom. We decided to go with our car, just driving, and i was looking around and deciding where could we stop, and where is that "perfect location":). I wanted to stop about 3 times, and then we passed by this location, by the river. I realised, that even if this river was really near from where i live, and i went a lot of times by it, it was never that high and "wild":)) and it really didn't get my attention before:). Well, that happens when the rain is falling like crazy:).
Tomorrow i will also go outside for my shooting, because today i found another location and i allready have an idea for it:) //