sreda, 12. februar 2014

Down By The River


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//I spend so much time on this photo, that i don't even know how i feel about it now.
I was so happy today, because, as u can see, i went outside for my shoot. Everything is still wet and muddy, but at least the rain has stopped:). I went looking for a location today with my mom. We decided to go with our car, just driving, and i was looking around and deciding where could we stop, and where is that "perfect location":). I wanted to stop about 3 times, and then we passed by this location, by the river. I realised, that even if this river was really near from where i live, and i went a lot of times by it, it was never that high and "wild":)) and it really didn't get my attention before:). Well, that happens when the rain is falling like crazy:).
Tomorrow i will also go outside for my shooting, because today i found another location and i allready have an idea for it:) //

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