ponedeljek, 10. februar 2014

Step By Step


(for better quality, please visit my portfolio: http://500px.com/AnjaMatko)
//It's been a while since i wrote something down here:),... i'm always in a hurry these days. But i decided to push a pause button and take a few moments to write something:)
For this photo i had something a little different in mind, but it didn't quite worked out...one thing was...i wanted to shoot it on the floor, but the floor in my house didn't really worked, so i decided to use a wall and change my idea a little. I don't know if i really like it, though.
This week i went back to my home town for a little visit and to help my sister in her flower shop.
I hope that the rain will stop, so that i can go out for my photos, at least for one or two:). I miss shooting outside.//

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