sobota, 15. februar 2014

The Invisible Force


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//Today i had two helpers on the scene:) I asked my mom and my boyfriend to help me with this rope, and directed them to each pull me in their direction.:) Some people drove by with a car...they probably thought that we went crazy:)) hehe
These days, as you can see, i really want to take advantage as much as possible, to shoot outside, because, i have to admit, i really missed it. It's really different to shoot outside, where the location can give you inspiration and something more to the photo.
I got this idea while i was driving home from the city. I thought about shooting with a rope i have at home as a prop, but i realised that i only have one. Then i went to my grandpa and i found there another one. I was really happy, because i could make my idea came true!:)//

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