torek, 28. januar 2014



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 //I had an idea to go out and shoot, because i thougt that there will fall more snow through the night, but it wasn't enough to cover the floor, so i decided i'd rather make a photo inside today and wait for more snow:).
I hope that i will get the chance tommorow. //

nedelja, 26. januar 2014

I'm With You


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//I got this idea a while ago, but it never was the right time to make it, until today. At first i wanted to shoot this photo in the woods, but then i change my mind. At least for now. Maybe when there will be a little warmer outside i will try to create something simililar in the woods.:) //

petek, 24. januar 2014



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 //Today, i woke up and looked out the window....and there it was..our first snow. It was still falling and everything was white. I was sad and exicted at the same time. (ps. i don't like winter, but everything for a photo:)) But then, after an hour or so, the snow turned into rain and all the snow mostly disappeared. So again...i was shooting inside, in my appartment. I decided to do a little experiment and shoot in the dark, with just one beam of light, that came from my little desk light:). It's different from my other work, but it's still in my style.:) //

sobota, 18. januar 2014

Solitary Ground


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 // Despite the heavy rain today, i decided to go out, and make my photo in rain:). This weekend i came home for a visit with my boyfriend, and we decided to drive around  and search for the spot to shoot my photo. This bridge was the best choice from all the other places we visit:). And luckily only two cars drove by, while we shoot there:).  I was so lucky, that i wasn't alone today, because batery on my wireless remote died after two shoots that i made, so for the rest of the shooting my boyfriend was pushing the button:)).//

sreda, 15. januar 2014

Moon child


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 //I'm not really happy with this image. I wanted to try something new, and it didn't really turned out like i wanted to. At least i learned something new in the proces. I really don't like publishing photos that i'm not happy with. This is the only bad side of this everyday project. You can't throw the image in the trash and try again the next day.:)  //

nedelja, 12. januar 2014

Velvet Touch


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 //It's been a long day. I manage to finish my photo now, minutes before midnight...and now all i can think of is sleep.  :)
Good night!:)//

sobota, 11. januar 2014

Lost Identity


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//A week ago i bought myself this white mask. I was waiting a long time, and now i finally got it:). This is the first photo with it, but expect a few more, because i have some more ideas for it.:)//

četrtek, 09. januar 2014

Veins In My Body


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//When i woke up this morning and look through the window, i saw this really thick fog. And as i love to shoot in the foggy weather, it wasn't any other way, as to eat my breakfast and go out:). I passed by this tree and i just loved, how this branches were formed. They reminded me of vains. So i decided to stop there and make a photo. I was quite early, so there weren't so many people passing by.:) I like how the fog clears the background and really exposes this branches. //

sreda, 08. januar 2014

My Cloud


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//I always imagined how, if i could fly, i would fly so high, sit on a cloud and think. Far away from everything, i would have my peace and quiet for a while. //

nedelja, 05. januar 2014

Mrs. Winter


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//Even if in our country isn't really snowing, i was inspired by snow and winter and cold today:). I have to say, that i'm really not complaining that we don't have  snow, because winter isn't my favorite time of the year. I really don't like cold. I'm more of a summer kind of person, when is hot and can go to the seaside and enjoy swimming in the sea....I can't wait!!:)Ok, enough with my daydreaming and back to reality and to my mrs. winter:)//

sobota, 04. januar 2014



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//This rainy weather really don't give me any choice, than to experiment with my photography inside the house:). I'm at my boyfriend's house, and i really love this wall, that has roof window, so the only light i get is from above me. It's perfect for this kind of photos, that really wouldn't work out if the light would came from any other direction. It gives more dramatic feeling this way. //

četrtek, 02. januar 2014



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//For two days now i didn't wrote anything under my photos, but that doesn't mean that i had nothing to say:) It was just a lot going on, and i had time just to upload an image.:) I still have everything sparkling blue, because of my photoshoot with glitter:). I'm just happy, that i choose to shoot with it on a day, when a glitter in my hair wasn't so weird, because of the new year's eve party:) It was i little strange though, because sparkling really isn't really my style:))) o well...everything for a good photo:)
Well...i don't know why, but i started a new year with gluing something on my body, and today i continue with gluing parts of the mirror on my face:)). //