četrtek, 02. januar 2014



(for better quality, please visit my portfolio: http://500px.com/AnjaMatko)
//For two days now i didn't wrote anything under my photos, but that doesn't mean that i had nothing to say:) It was just a lot going on, and i had time just to upload an image.:) I still have everything sparkling blue, because of my photoshoot with glitter:). I'm just happy, that i choose to shoot with it on a day, when a glitter in my hair wasn't so weird, because of the new year's eve party:) It was i little strange though, because sparkling really isn't really my style:))) o well...everything for a good photo:)
Well...i don't know why, but i started a new year with gluing something on my body, and today i continue with gluing parts of the mirror on my face:)). //

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