četrtek, 31. oktober 2013



Happy Halloween!

//Today i wanted to make something halloween inspired:) I really liked the idea of a creepy forgotten doll, so i made myself to one:)//

sreda, 30. oktober 2013



//When we were looking for this location, the deer and two deer does crossed the road in front of us (we were in the car;)) They were so beautiful and big:). It was the first time i saw a deer in the nature.:)//

sobota, 26. oktober 2013

What Will Come


// Today i went to look for a new locations for my photoshoots and i stumble upon this place with this beautiful autumn grass. It was even better that i imagine in my mind for this photo:)
I found another location, but that one i will use another day:) //

petek, 25. oktober 2013

Most Wanted


//Today i had really little time to make my photo, because it was really busy at work. 
I found this big red heart at work (i think it's meant for a decoration for valentines day :) (i work at flower shop;))). 
It inspired me to make this photo - the heart represents love and hands represent people. We all have desire for love and we want to be loved.
I hope that tomorow i will have more time, because i really want to go on a hunt for some new locations for my daily photos:). // 

sreda, 23. oktober 2013

Waiting For The Chosen One


"She's waiting for the chosen one, that will save the magic forest."

//I'm not really happy with this photo, but it's the best that i could get, because i was late and the night came to soon, so i didn't had the time to adjust everything the way that i imagine it. I will have to get use to the fact, that the day is shorter and shorter now.... it's not summer anymore:). I wanted to make a photo that would go in the series with another one i made (from day 138).
I know that i could do better:) //

torek, 22. oktober 2013

Dance With Me


//When i started editing this photo i realized, that i created a heart with my right hand and skirt. I like it :) I think it gives something to the story.

It's all dark, rainy, little misty weather this days. Not really interesting:) I wanted to go to the forest for a photoshoot today, but it was to dark there. So i decided to go with my second idea. My mom helped me with this long fabric - she was throwing it in the air again and again and again...:) //

nedelja, 20. oktober 2013

I Wish To Fly


//I really enjoy being at the seaside. Sitting by the shore and listening to the sounds of the sea. I was inspired by this feeling today and i wanted to make a photo that will remind of it every time i will look at it. //

petek, 18. oktober 2013

The Journey Awaits Me


//I found this place a while ago and i knew that i want to use it in my photos, but i haven't had the right idea yet. Today i was inspired by Lord of the rings and this place was perfect for the scene i wanted to make. I really love this curvy road.:)//

četrtek, 17. oktober 2013

sreda, 16. oktober 2013

Free Yourself


//Yesterday before sleep i did i little brainstorming and i got a few ideas for my daily photos. Because i didn't have time to go wandering around to find locations that i need for other ideas, i made today this one, because i could use a blank wall for it:) My mom helped me with this shoot by holding this fabric for me. I wanted the hand to be seen in the photo, because it's part of a story that i wanted to create.//

torek, 15. oktober 2013

Take Me With You


// It didn't turned out like i wanted to, but when i finished working was pretty late so i haven't had a lot of time for a photo, before it became very dark. I hope that i will have more time tommorow.//

ponedeljek, 14. oktober 2013

Will You Catch Me When I Fall


//I don't know what is with this weather and me:) Whole day, when i was working, was sunny/cloudy, but then, when it was time for my photo and when i found the perfect location for it, it started to rain. Really?:) When i will need the rain for my photo i'm sure it won't rain for a month:)
Yesterday my mom made me this long white skirt and i couldn't wait to use it today.:) I combine it with this little blue dress and it was perfect for this idea that i had in mind:) It was about time that i use some new colors in my photos:)
Today i found some really great fabric and i can't wait to make something out of it:)

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download/ ////

nedelja, 13. oktober 2013

To The Unknown


//I feel so much better today, so i could made my photo outside. It was a foggy morning so i decided, to go to my favorite location here near my home (i really like this tree:)) My mom went with me and helped me to make this before the sun would show up, and we finished 1 minute before the sun started to shine:)

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download/ ////

sobota, 12. oktober 2013

Flames Of Desire


//I'm sick today,  so today's photo was a bit of a challenge for me. I couldn't go out, because of the rain, so i decided to make my photo in the house, as soon as possible, because i was getting a headache. This hair flipping didn't really help, though:) I don't know if i'm really happy with the final image, but it's all i could manage to made. I hope that i will feel better tommorow, because i'm planning to go on a hunt for some new potencial locations for my photos:) //

petek, 11. oktober 2013

She Asked A Flower


/I saw this beautiful red flower today and it reminded me on "He loves me, He loves me not" game:) We all played this game at least once:) From this i got an inspiration for this photo. //

četrtek, 10. oktober 2013

Pieces Of You


 //Today was a very interesting and fast photoshoot:) I was working and when i had a break for lunch i took my time to shoot my daily photo:) But when we arrive to the location that i had in mind, the rain started pouring:) My mom was holding the umbrella above my camera and a was running back and forth to look at my images:) I didn't have so much time, because i'm a little sick and it wasn't really great to be under the pouring rain:) But in the end, all that matters is, that i got the image, that i'm happy with:)..and a cup of warm tea:))

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download//

sreda, 09. oktober 2013

Fly To A Better Place


// One day i found this butterfly in my apartment and i saved it for a day, that i will have an inspiration to used it in a photo. Today it was a rainy day so i couldn't go out to have a photoshoot, this butterfly was perfect for the idea i got today:)

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download/ //