ponedeljek, 14. oktober 2013

Will You Catch Me When I Fall


//I don't know what is with this weather and me:) Whole day, when i was working, was sunny/cloudy, but then, when it was time for my photo and when i found the perfect location for it, it started to rain. Really?:) When i will need the rain for my photo i'm sure it won't rain for a month:)
Yesterday my mom made me this long white skirt and i couldn't wait to use it today.:) I combine it with this little blue dress and it was perfect for this idea that i had in mind:) It was about time that i use some new colors in my photos:)
Today i found some really great fabric and i can't wait to make something out of it:)

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download/ ////

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