četrtek, 10. oktober 2013

Pieces Of You


 //Today was a very interesting and fast photoshoot:) I was working and when i had a break for lunch i took my time to shoot my daily photo:) But when we arrive to the location that i had in mind, the rain started pouring:) My mom was holding the umbrella above my camera and a was running back and forth to look at my images:) I didn't have so much time, because i'm a little sick and it wasn't really great to be under the pouring rain:) But in the end, all that matters is, that i got the image, that i'm happy with:)..and a cup of warm tea:))

Awesome textures for this photo i got on Brooke Shaden' s blog: http://shadenproductions.com/blog/2013/09/15/textures-of-home-free-download//

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