sobota, 30. november 2013



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//I can't believe that i'm already on half of my 365 journey. This 6 months went really fast by, and when i look back i see how much i've change, how different i think now, and how far i'm willing to go to make a good photo that i'm really happy with. I see my style really changed, but now that i think about it....i had it in me this whole time. I wanted to create this kind of images, but i didn't know how. I didn't really know a lot in photoshop, but now i'm learning day by day and i'm happy that finnaly i can make things in my head real.:) There is so much more that i have in my head, but it's not ready to come out yet. I'm not ready yet:).
I can't wait for ma second half, i'm really looking forward to see where it will bring me.//

And another think i have to share:). I made myself an etsy store to sell my prints, cards and a calendar for year that is coming:). Check it out:
It's still fresh, but if you have an request, contact me.

I would be very grateful if you can vote for my photo on this link:
Thank you very much to those who will:)

četrtek, 28. november 2013

The Voices Within


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//I don' know where i was yesterday, but i was in a different place....Nothing went right, i was in a weird mood....Something wasn't right. I know that now...I really can't explain it... It's like yesterday was a weird dream:)).
Well, at least today was a normal day. I went to work, and everything was fine, i'm in a better mood today, and even when i went shooting it was different:)
I went to a location, that i already been there, but in a different spot. I really wanted to go shooting there, because i felt that i must do one more photo there to be satisfied:). It's an abandoned place, and it looks really sad. It gives you that vibe...maybe that's way the photos that are made there can't be a happy ones. //

sreda, 27. november 2013

Magical Portal


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 //I love fairytales!:) And i love making surreal photos, because i can make myself fly, and all sorts of surreal things:). And making the usual places or stuff magical, that is another thing that i love:).//

torek, 26. november 2013

Where The Wind Will Take Me


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//It's very cold and windy these days and i really didn't have a plan to go out and shoot today, because it's freezing. But then i said to myself "if the wind is blowing, why don't i seize this to make a photo". I don't know if that was i smart idea:). It was sooo cold and after a few minutes i couldn't even think about a pose or something. I was just trying to hold my fabric so it didn't flew away:))Hehe. Well at the end, when i came to a warm house, i was happy that i went out:). It was kinda refreshing:).//

ponedeljek, 25. november 2013

Voices In My Head


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//This idea came to my head yesterday, when i went to sleep. I was thinking about stuff and searching through my head for an idea for today's shooting:). I think it came out pretty similar to what i had in my mind:). //

nedelja, 24. november 2013

Last Breath


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//It was a beautiful day today (for a change it didn't rain, it was just cloudy:)), so it was perfect for a little walk around the forest:) We found this awesome, dark place (maybe it was just dark for me, because i already saw a photo in my head:)). I loved all those branches all over the place, it was just hard to get in the middle of it, but for a photo, i just had to:). My boyfriend helped me, he was pushing the button on camera, and checking the sharpness and everything, so i didn't have to climb over those branches that much:) //

petek, 22. november 2013

Field Of Innocence


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// Another one, not so dark, photo:). I had this scene in my mind for about a week now, but i was waiting for the right location, because i had to put my tripod on a table so i could get it high enough, to get all of me in the frame:). And here in my apartment we have the best natural light, so it was perfect. Just what i wanted.//

četrtek, 21. november 2013



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//I had this idea in my head for a week now, and i finnaly made it:)I finaly manage to remember to bought the right patches in the store today.:)
I had it a little different in my mind, but it's not easy to shoot if you can't see anything:D...i didn't thought about that:)

sreda, 20. november 2013

Taking Over Me


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//Ok, i manage to go out shooting today, despite the bad weather. When i got home from work it was sunny, but then it became cloudy really fast. I started to blow up my ten ballons... When i finnished i took my skirt, camera and tripod and went out, and suprise.....the rain was pouring...??! I went back inside and wait a while, and after an hour it stoped:)) I was so happy, a took everything i needed and went to the location really fast. My mom helped me to set everything up and then i started to shoot and jump around. The wind started so i had to hold my ballons really tight, otherwise they would fly away;). After a few minutes, the rain started to pour again so i had to finnished with my shoot. I just made a few photos without myself in it, and around the place i was standing before, so i could expand my photo later.  //

torek, 19. november 2013

Beautiful Little Creature


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//I really wanted to go outside for my photo today, but it wasn't possible, because the rain is pouring whole day. And they're saying that tommorow won't be any different.
I don't know if i'm really happy with today's photo... I borrowed a few this cute red birds in my sister's flower shop, but i couldn't use them all, because i had trouble fixing them on my body. I was so frustrated at the end, that i didn't really know if i got "the" shoot. Then i went back to work and when i came home i sat in front of my computer for about 2 hours:) I think i will have to look at it again tommorow, maybe i will like it then:). //

nedelja, 17. november 2013

Choose Wisely

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I would be very grateful if you can vote for my photo "The Journey Awaits Me" on this link:
Thank you very much to those who will:)

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 //Today i woke up early, so that i would make my photo before the sun comes out and people starts walking here:). Well, i manage to shoot before the sun came out, but before the people...not really:) Two ladies passed by while i was jumping around in my red skirt and black cloth:). One thought that i am a statue, because while i was watching my photos on my camera i stood quite still:)) Hehe, it makes me smile:) //

sobota, 16. november 2013



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//I'm so tired today and i just couldn't made myself to go out, walking and looking for a location to shoot, so i made another one in the house.:) //

četrtek, 14. november 2013



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//My morning idea:) I remembered, that i have a really long white piece of fabric, and that i didn't use it before in my photo. So something like this came to my mind. I imagined that this fabric is some kind of evil spirit.:) (i think i watch to many movies:)) //

torek, 12. november 2013

Close To Me


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//It was quite cold this morning, but i really wanted to go out and find some beautiful place that will inspire me - i found it. I really liked the trees that i have in the background.:)
I made a skirt out of my red fabric and just let myself to the moment and tried to capture the feeling where you just let go and you let the autumn embrace you.//

ponedeljek, 11. november 2013

Never Go Back


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//I really love this location. I don't know what is with this grass, but i just love the color of it in autumn. I think i will make more photos with it:) (not on the same location though:)) I like the feeling i captured in this image. I think my mind was somewhere else when i made this:)//

Bloody Waterfall


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//Yesterday, when i was trying to get asleep i came with this idea. How i want to lavitate in air and this long piece of fabric would hang down, which would represent blood. I couldn't wait to try it today, and make it real. It was really hard to get myself in the frame, because i didn't have a lot of space. But i made it:) I have to thank my boyfriend, who helped me with my lavitation and making my idea came true;) Later on in photoshop i expanded the frame, because that's how i imagined it would looked like:).//

petek, 08. november 2013

Neverending Nightwatch


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//Today was a perfect day for an outside photoshooting:) It was cloudy a little misty morning, so me and my friend went on a walk to the Ljubljana castle (which is really close to our apartment:)) We went by this huge entrance by the castle and i decided that i want to shoot right there.;) I tried a few poses and everything and i decided for this one, where i flipped my skirt and it actully looks like i'm lavitating. So i came up with a story, that i'm an old ghost who is stuck here and she's still guarding this wall/castle:) //

sreda, 06. november 2013



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//Today's photo is more winter themed (i know i'm a little early:)). I didn't meant to do that but then in postproduction it kinda just lead me there:) I feel at peace when i look at this photo. I like it. I know it's a little more brighter than my other photos, but it felt right!:)

Yesterday i came back to my apartment after 3 weeks of beeing home. I saw this wooden branches that my roommate brought home for her projects, so i borrowed one:) I imagined, how i would attach paper aeroplanes on it, but then i got the idea, that paper birds would be better, so i googled "how to make a paper bird" and i spend an hour making this 7 birds.:) Some of them looked a little weird, but they look ok on a photo:) So...yeey i learned how to make a bird out of paper today:))//

torek, 05. november 2013

Ever Dream


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//I started this photoshooting with an rough idea in my mind. I didn't really knew how the final image would look like. But then, when i started to shoot, i got the right idea...This one was the last photo i made, and it was "the one":).//

ponedeljek, 04. november 2013

nedelja, 03. november 2013

Everything And Too Much


//My today's prop is newspaper... well a few of those:).
I don't really read this stuff, because for me, the newspaper is a bunch of information about politics or bad news and a lot about how much is wrong in today's world. I don't like reading those stuff because it only makes me sad. It will be the same if i read it or not, but with this exception - i won't be sad:)  I don't know if i'm really happy with the final product, maybe i will be tommorow:). Everytime, when i work on my photo, i have to leave it there for an hour or more, and then look at it again, so that i see if everything is how it sopose to be. //