sreda, 06. november 2013



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//Today's photo is more winter themed (i know i'm a little early:)). I didn't meant to do that but then in postproduction it kinda just lead me there:) I feel at peace when i look at this photo. I like it. I know it's a little more brighter than my other photos, but it felt right!:)

Yesterday i came back to my apartment after 3 weeks of beeing home. I saw this wooden branches that my roommate brought home for her projects, so i borrowed one:) I imagined, how i would attach paper aeroplanes on it, but then i got the idea, that paper birds would be better, so i googled "how to make a paper bird" and i spend an hour making this 7 birds.:) Some of them looked a little weird, but they look ok on a photo:) So...yeey i learned how to make a bird out of paper today:))//

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