nedelja, 17. november 2013

Choose Wisely

 Zelo bi bila hvaležna če bi glasovali za mojo fotografijo "The Journey Awaits Me"
na tem linku:
I would be very grateful if you can vote for my photo "The Journey Awaits Me" on this link:
Thank you very much to those who will:)

 (for better quality, please visit my portfolio:
 //Today i woke up early, so that i would make my photo before the sun comes out and people starts walking here:). Well, i manage to shoot before the sun came out, but before the people...not really:) Two ladies passed by while i was jumping around in my red skirt and black cloth:). One thought that i am a statue, because while i was watching my photos on my camera i stood quite still:)) Hehe, it makes me smile:) //

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