sreda, 20. november 2013

Taking Over Me


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//Ok, i manage to go out shooting today, despite the bad weather. When i got home from work it was sunny, but then it became cloudy really fast. I started to blow up my ten ballons... When i finnished i took my skirt, camera and tripod and went out, and suprise.....the rain was pouring...??! I went back inside and wait a while, and after an hour it stoped:)) I was so happy, a took everything i needed and went to the location really fast. My mom helped me to set everything up and then i started to shoot and jump around. The wind started so i had to hold my ballons really tight, otherwise they would fly away;). After a few minutes, the rain started to pour again so i had to finnished with my shoot. I just made a few photos without myself in it, and around the place i was standing before, so i could expand my photo later.  //

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