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//I can't believe that i'm already on half of my 365 journey. This 6 months went really fast by, and when i look back i see how much i've change, how different i think now, and how far i'm willing to go to make a good photo that i'm really happy with. I see my style really changed, but now that i think about it....i had it in me this whole time. I wanted to create this kind of images, but i didn't know how. I didn't really know a lot in photoshop, but now i'm learning day by day and i'm happy that finnaly i can make things in my head real.:) There is so much more that i have in my head, but it's not ready to come out yet. I'm not ready yet:).
I can't wait for ma second half, i'm really looking forward to see where it will bring me.//

And another think i have to share:). I made myself an etsy store to sell my prints, cards and a calendar for year that is coming:). Check it out:
It's still fresh, but if you have an request, contact me.

I would be very grateful if you can vote for my photo on this link:
Thank you very much to those who will:)

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