petek, 13. september 2013

And Still, She Wonders...


This photo is inspired by something that is more personal i'll leave it at that:)
I wanted a misty weather for this photo, so when i woke up this morning and i saw, that it's a very thick fog outside, i knew that is time to make this photo. But when i was about to go out, the postman called, that he'll arrive in 20 minutes with my package, so i had to wait for him. When i came to the location the fog wasn't so thick as before, but it was still ok. I have to thank my mother to drive me to the location and to be my "wirreles remote" that i still don't have, because of my saturday's incident:).
I submited this photo so early because i'm going to a 2 day music festival in an hour.
I will still shoot tommorow, but i won't be able to submit it, so i will submit two photos on sunday.

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