četrtek, 05. december 2013

A Cry For Help


(for better quality, please visit my portfolio: http://500px.com/AnjaMatko)
//For this photo i had something similar in my mind, but it didn't quite work out. (I know that i can do better...)I had some troubles on the location, and then after a while i was so cold, that i could barely move my fingers, so i had to finished with shooting. It's interesting that when i'm shooting i don't really feel how cold it is. I think i fall in some kind of trans and i'm all in the zone:). I just think about the poses, and how to make it better. But then when i put back on my jacket and scarf...then i feel that i'm totaly frozen:).
I think that i have a phase, where i like to scream a lot in my photos:) It will passed:) This one is the last one...i think:)  //

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