ponedeljek, 16. december 2013

Somebody Save Me


 (for better quality, please visit my portfolio: http://500px.com/AnjaMatko)

//Today i wanted to create an image, that is like a cut from a horror movie. The black shadow behind me is my boyfriend, who was so kind and helped me with this.:)

There is one thing i want to share today....I'm very very happy, because my photo "Breaking The Silence" was voted for "best of the week" on Slovenian photo site (http://www.e-fotografija.com/galerija/gallery_news.php?lang=sl&news_id=492).
It really is a great feeling when your work is being chosen like this.//

 I made myself an etsy store to sell my prints, cards and a calendar for year that is coming:). Check it out: 
It's still fresh, but if you have an request, contact me.

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