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//I'm at my boyfriend's, where they have a forest behind their house. I went for a walk, to look for a location to shoot this morning. I didn't have to go very far to find this beautiful place...usualy there is nothing special about it, but today it was frozen and it was like i step into some magical frozen place. I was kinda in a hurry, because of the sun. I found a place that was in a shadow at that time and started to shoot. I was so happy to found this place, so i was jumping around and smiling when i was looking the photos i was creating. I wasn't even cold at that time:).

I know it's a lot different from my other photos, but when i put the image together in photoshop, and started to play with colors and textures, the photo itself lead me to become like this. Like this frozen magical land. It just didn't feel right to make it dark, because it's not a dark place. It's beautiful white and purple place, on some planet far far away. I know...i'm dreaming:) //

 I made myself an etsy store to sell my prints, cards and a calendar for year that is coming:). Check it out:
It's still fresh, but if you have an request, contact me.


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